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“Research and proof reading”

February 26, 2013

This might be old news, but there are times when I wonders if the folks that doll out press releases and the many who blankly post them as news ever truly know what they are on about.

As per ANI and the Daily Mail and posted by a number of news agencies, the headline read:
”F1′s only woman driver Susie Wolff to appear in BBC documentary on her life”

Fair enough. Interesting subject; not completely sure there will be enough footage to go around, but alas they have folks who are experts in such matters working on the project.
However in the second paragraph:
“Susie is tipped to become the first ever woman-racing driver and the film, The Fastest Woman In The World, follows her life and career in the male-dominated sport…”

This paragraph was sidelined by Jenson Button driving a Brawn GP taken in 2009. I really am not sure where to begin or end.

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