“FIA Euro F3: A full grid awaits 2013 season; Buller and Marciello top first test”

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© FIA.

The revitalised FIA European Formula 3 Championship looks set to have a full grid of thirty entrants for the 2013 season.

In recent days, family-run squad Jo Zeller Racing confirmed Sandro Zeller for a full campaign, while URD Rennsport are continuing with Lucas Wolf.

Joining the fray this year will be the Romeo Ferraris-Mercedes team, who will be fielding a two-car effort.

The first seat at Romeo Ferraris has already being filled by Superstars race winner Michela Cerruti, while according to Autosport {note 1}, the second entry may be filled by American racer Michael Lewis.

The first of two pre-season tests ran at the Circuit de Catalunya on Friday and Saturday with Raffaele Marciello and Will Buller laying down the fast laps.
As expected Alex Lynn ran Marciello close in the times, but the real surprise came from Formula 3 newboy Jordan King, who managed 2nd overall on day two, just behind Buller.

Josh Hill’s lost time on the opening day when his Fortec machine caught fire, but there was drama for Double R’s Antonio Giovinazzi who crashed heavily on Saturday morning, ruling him out of the rest of the day.

The final test comes in a week’s time, when the field reconvenes for two days of running at Monza prior to the opening round.

{note 1}
“Michael Lewis confident of making F3 European Championship grid” (Autosport, Jamie O’Leary)

2013 FIA European F3 Championship (1st pre-season test; March 8-9; Barcelona; combined times)

Pos  Driver              Team/Car                   Time 
 1.  Will Buller         T-Sport Dallara-Nissan     1m40.812s 
 2.  Jordan King         Carlin Dallara-VW          1m40.997s
 3.  Harry Tincknell     Carlin Dallara-VW          1m41.021s 
 4.  Raffaele Marciello  Prema Dallara-Merc         1m41.023s 
 5.  Sven Muller         Ma-con Dallara-VW          1m41.159s 
 6.  Tom Blomqvist       EuroIntern'l Dallara-Merc  1m41.191s 
 7.  Nicholas Latifi     Carlin Dallara-VW          1m41.195s 
 8.  Dennis van de Laar  Van Amersfoort Dallara-VW  1m41.208s  
 9.  Antonio Giovinazzi  Double R Dallara-Merc      1m41.374s 
10.  Pipo Derani         Fortec Dallara-Merc        1m41.379s 
11.  Pascal Wehrlein     Mucke Dallara-Merc         1m41.389s 
12.  Jann Mardenborough  Carlin Dallara-VW          1m41.401s 
13.  Lucas Auer          Prema Dallara-Merc         1m41.433s 
14.  Alex Lynn           Prema Dallara-Merc         1m41.441s 
15.  Mans Grenhagen      Van Amersfoort Dallara-VW  1m41.466s 
16.  Felix Rosenqvist    Mucke Dallara-Merc         1m41.508s 
17.  Eddie Cheever       Prema Dallara-Merc         1m41.771s 
18.  Roy Nissany         Mucke Dallara-Merc         1m41.812s 
19.  Felix Serralles     Fortec Dallara-Merc        1m41.882s 
20.  Tatiana Calderon    Double R Dallara-Merc      1m41.893s 
21.  Sean Gelael         Double R Dallara-Merc      1m41.946s 
22.  Andre Rudersdorf    Ma-con Dallara-VW          1m41.976s 
23.  Mitchell Gilbert    Mucke Dallara-Merc         1m41.984s 
24.  Spike Goddard       T-Sport Dallara-Nissan     1m41.999s 
25.  Josh Hill           Fortec Dallara-Merc        1m42.416s 
26.  Dmitry Suranovich   Fortec Dallara-Merc        1m42.813s 
27.  Michael Lewis       Ferraris Dallara-Merc      1m42.997s (Day 2)
28.  Riccardo Agostini   Ferraris Dallara-Merc      1m43.044s (Day 1)
29.  Michela Cerruti     Ferraris Dallara-Merc      1m43.693s

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