“The Motorsport Archive: 1000, not out !”

And with this, themotorsportarchive.com reaches one thousand posted entries, most of which were filled with facts, quotes, thoughts and just occasionally, some rambling nonsense.

Since the second generation of themotorsportarchive.com debuted in April 2010, the focus has changed from one of a fan-based blog to that of a site attempting journalistic values of some kind – I have no idea if this has been even remotely successful.

Nowadays instead of catching a race from the comfort of my television set, I tend to be found freezing in the discomfort of a race track somewhere – and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
From interviews conducted in damp sheds posing as garages or underneath unexpectedly searing sunlight in heavy clothes, to researched features fulfilling the archive, I do hope it has at least been interesting. And if not, well then, that’s just too bad.

This year, the priority remains junior single-seaters, especially Formula 3, GP2, GP3 and World Series by Renault, with the occasional Formula One, endurance racing and WRC opinion spots thrown in for good measure.
Next up though, it’s Monza – I think; it’s easy to get confused.

Thanks for all the eyeballs. It has certainly been a hell of a lot of fun.

Bring it.
Leigh O’Gorman
The Motorsport Archive

{note 1}
Self indulgent? Yes, but then why not?

{note 2}
Of course, as per usual, if there are features or developments that readers may wish to see on site, then do pass them on. I am always open to suggestions and constructive criticism.

5 thoughts on ““The Motorsport Archive: 1000, not out !”

  1. Congratulations Leigh, here’s to the next 1000. My favourites were always the historical F1 posts

    1. Cheers Jackie,
      Much appreciated.

      There should be a couple of historic posts coming before the end of the month. Just getting some research done.

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