“Niederhauser heads opening GP3 Series practice”

Jenzer Motorsport’s Patric Niederhauser set the fastest lap in the opening GP3 Series practice session of the season at Barcelona’s Circuit de Catalunya today.

The Swiss racer hit the circuit for late final run, setting a best lap of 1:35.044 with six minutes remaining.

Niederhauser’s teammate Alex Fontana also headed the times for a short period within the final ten minutes, only to be bumped by the swift Niederhauser.
As the chequered flag was about to emerge, David Fumanelli slipped ahead of Fontana to drop the Jenzer man to 3rd, while Robert Visoiu emerged almost unseen to assume 4th spot.

Adderly Fong grabbed 5th in his Status GP machine with six minutes, putting him ahead of Daniil Kvyat, who had led much of the session until that point.
Nick Yelloly set the 7th best time, placing him just three-tenths ahead of Carlin teammate Luis Sa Silva – a surprise as the 45 minutes drew to a close. Jack Harvey ended a quiet session in 9th, with Emanuele Zonzini rounding out the top ten.

There were two offs during the session, with Josh Webster beaching his Status GP car in the gravel after only ten minutes. Only moments later Patrick Kujala pitched his Koiranen GP car into the barrier – an unfortunate result for the driver and team on their début outing.

2013 GP3 Series round of Barcelona (Rd 1, Free Practice)
Pos  Driver               Team      Time       Gap
 1.  Patric Niederhauser  Jenzer    1m35.044s
 2.  David Fumanelli      Trident   1m35.137s  + 0.093s
 3.  Alex Fontana         Jenzer    1m35.464s  + 0.420s
 4.  Robert Visoiu        MW Arden  1m35.581s  + 0.537s
 5.  Adderly Fong         Status    1m35.800s  + 0.756s
 6.  Daniil Kvyat         MW Arden  1m35.810s  + 0.766s
 7.  Nick Yelloly         Carlin    1m35.821s  + 0.777s
 8.  Luis Sa Silva        Carlin    1m36.170s  + 1.126s
 9.  Jack Harvey          ART       1m36.417s  + 1.373s
10.  Emanuele Zonzini     Trident   1m36.471s  + 1.427s
11.  Eric Lichtenstein    Carlin    1m36.480s  + 1.436s
12.  Conor Daly           ART       1m36.553s  + 1.509s
13.  Carlos Sainz Jr      MW Arden  1m36.567s  + 1.523s
14.  Tio Ellinas          Manor     1m36.680s  + 1.636s
15.  Jimmy Eriksson       Status    1m36.951s  + 1.907s
16.  Giovanni Venturini   Trident   1m36.973s  + 1.929s
17.  Dino Zamparelli      Manor     1m37.224s  + 2.180s
18.  Facu Regalia         ART       1m37.304s  + 2.260s
19.  Samin Gomez          Jenzer    1m37.512s  + 2.468s
20.  Lewis Williamson     Bamboo    1m37.513s  + 2.469s
21.  Melville McKee       Bamboo    1m37.763s  + 2.719s
22.  Kevin Korjus         Koiranen  1m37.907s  + 2.863s
23.  Carmen Jorda         Bamboo    1m38.321s  + 3.277s
24.  Ryan Cullen          Manor     1m38.582s  + 3.538s
25.  Josh Webster         Status    1m38.648s  + 3.604s
26.  Patrick Kujala       Koiranen  1m38.801s  + 3.757s
27.  Aaro Vainio          Koiranen  1m39.091s  + 4.047s

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