“Coletti wins GP2 sprint race as last lap chaos reigns behind”

Coletti celebrates. Alastair Staley/GP2 Series Media Service.
Coletti celebrates. Alastair Staley/GP2 Series Media Service.

Rapax driver Stefano Coletti claimed the GP2 Sprint Race ahead of the hard charging Robin Frijns and Felipe Nasr.

The Monegasque racer enjoyed a terrific start, to jump from the third row to the lead, but needed to fend off the intentions of Johnny Cecotto Jr in the process.

A poor couple of corners dropped Cecotto Jr to 4th behind the super quick Frijns and Nasr, both whom rose from 8th and 7th on the grid respectively.

Coletti maintained a narrow gap over Frijns throughout the running, although the Dutch racer did fall at least 4.7s behind the leader one point.
Having preserved his tyres in the middle stint, Frijns drew back to the rear of Coletti in the final laps; however the Hilmer Motorsport racer could not budge passed the Rapax, ensuring Coletti a margin of 0.6s at the flag.
It is a victory that allows Coletti to extend his championship lead over Nasr to 17 points.

Nasr enjoyed a solid run to 3rd to continue his run of consistent top four finishes. In the early laps, the Brazilian made a gap while Cecotto Jr dropped behind, allowing Nasr to keep solid pace as the race aged.

The next spot would eventually be taken by Carlin’s Jolyon Palmer. The Briton continues his upward turn of form, as he lept Kevin Ceccon and Alexander Rossi at bay in the opening half of the race, before slotting by Cecotto Jr with six laps remaining to take 4th, quickly pulling clear of the Venezuelan.

For Cecotto Jr, his race was once again became shrouded in controversy. With his Pirelli’s destroyed, the Arden racer weaved and cut across several competitors, before clashing with Sergio Canamasas in an attempt to hold him behind on the penultimate tour.
With Canamasas stumped for pace, a squeezed Rio Haryanto could do little but run into the rear Canamasas, as a pack of at least twelve cars closed into a tight bunch in the final chicane.
Haryanto would gain a ten-place grid penalty for Monaco’s Feature Race as a result – harsh considering the circumstances. Although slightly damaged, Cecotto Jr continued to claim 5th at the flag. His collision with Canamasas was deemed a racing incident; however it could have easily avoided had a touch a sensibility prevailed.

Amidst the chaos that formed behind the Cecotto Jr / Canamasas / Haryanto mess, Rossi took 6th ahead of Ceccon, with Daniel Abt sneaking from 12th to 8th on the final lap to pick up the final point.
Fabio Leimer took 9th ahead of Jon Lancaster 10th; as the field sorted itself out while James Calado and Sam Bird tiptoed through the mess to secure 11th and 12th respectively.

In a heart stopping moment at the race start, Tom Dillmann stalled on the grid, with the field around the Frenchman somehow missing him by inches.

2013 GP2 Series round of Barcelona (Rd 3, Sprint Race; 26 laps)
Pos  Driver               Team                   Time/Gap
 1.  Stefano Coletti      Rapax                41m49.895s
 2.  Robin Frijns         Hilmer                 + 0.691s
 3.  Felipe Nasr          Carlin                 + 7.212s
 4.  Jolyon Palmer        Carlin                + 12.129s
 5.  Johnny Cecotto Jr    Arden                 + 35.593s
 6.  Alexander Rossi      Caterham              + 36.991s
 7.  Kevin Ceccon         Trident               + 38.483s
 8.  Daniel Abt           ART                   + 39.645s
 9.  Fabio Leimer         Racing Engineering    + 40.664s
10.  Jon Lancaster        Hilmer                + 41.353s
11.  James Calado         ART                   + 41.464s
12.  Sam Bird             Russian Time          + 41.876s
13.  Mitch Evans          Arden                 + 42.520s
14.  Sergio Canamasas     Caterham              + 44.190s
15.  Stephane Richelmi    DAMS                  + 44.277s
16.  Simon Trummer        Rapax                 + 44.487s
17.  Kevin Giovesi        Lazarus               + 44.628s
18.  Daniel de Jong       MP                    + 45.041s
19.  Rene Binder          Lazarus               + 48.132s
20.  Marcus Ericsson      DAMS                  + 53.650s
21.  Adrian Quaife-Hobbs  MP                    + 53.938s
22.  Jake Rosenzweig      Addax               + 1m02.518s
23.  Nathanael Berthon    Trident             + 1m06.632s
24.  Rio Haryanto         Addax               + 1m25.590s
25.  Julian Leal          Racing Engineering      + 1 lap
26.  Tom Dillmann         Russian Time            + 1 lap
2013 GP2 Series round of Barcelona (Rd 3, Sprint Race)
Pos Driver              Points
 1. Stefano Coletti      93
 2. Felipe Nasr          76
 3. Fabio Leimer         54
 4. Robin Frijns         37
 5. Sam Bird             33
 6. Jolyon Palmer        31
 7. Alexander Rossi      27
 8. James Calado         24
 9. Tom Dillmann         22
10. Johnny Cecotto Jr    19

Pos Team                Points
 1. Carlin              107
 2. Rapax               101
 3. Racing Engineering   64
 4. Hilmer Motorsport    56
 5. Russian Time         55

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