“Thoughts on Formula One and politics”

Watching politics play out in Formula One is much like watching fat men argue over the last of the caviar.

Regardless of what transpired between Pirelli, the FIA and Mercedes in the past two weeks, Formula One politics has once again managed to overshadow a Grand Prix weekend.

This was propelled further by rambling TV talking heads repeatedly blurting any old nonsensical information that crosses their lips, more often than not saying much, but revealing nothing.

No doubt when personalities have stopped umming and ahhing to the cameras, as they shove microphones into the faces of bemused paddock spokespeople in search of empty soundbites, the real business will move to areas where doors remain firmly closed to the public.
All these places where the real discussions and arguments take place – the cameras and presenters may not enter.

As for the embittered, what better way to hype up the news feed than to push for protests on the eve of the Grand Prix itself, waving the threat of a protested event. How bloated and arrogant by all concerned.

By the way, Nico Rosberg won.

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