“GP3 Series: Penalties ahoy in Valencia for Yelloly, Williamson and Kujala”

Carlin’s Nick Yelloly and Bamboo racer Lewis Williamson have been excluded from GP3 qualifying this evening when it was discovered their cars failed technical inspections.

In not complying with the specified dimensions as outlined in the rules, Yelloly’s Dallara GP3/13 machine was found to have breached Article 4.1 of the technical regulations.

Williamson’s Bamboo entry, meanwhile, had his time deleted when it was discovered the high roll back calliper seals on his machine were illegal.

Where Williamson will no doubt be irritated to lose his 13th spot, the outcome is particularly galling for Yelloly after he had earlier qualified in 3rd spot behind poleman Conor Daly and MW Arden rival Daniil Kvyat.

Further down the order Patrick Kujala received a ten-place grid penalty after he overtook Aaro Vainio under red flag conditions. The Finn had initially qualified 19th, but will now start 25th following the sanctions against Yelloly and Williamson.

Interestingly Ryan Cullen who had qualified last after he spun off early in the session will now start 24th, despite garnering a five-place penalty at the previous round in Barcelona.

2013 GP3 Series Round of Valencia (Rd 2, Qualifying revised)
Pos  Driver               Team      Time       Gap
 1.  Conor Daly           ART       1m22.329s
 2.  Daniil Kvyat         MW Arden  1m22.536s  + 0.207s
 3.  Facu Regalia         ART       1m22.603s  + 0.274s
 4.  Aaro Vainio          Koiranen  1m22.616s  + 0.287s
 5.  Kevin Korjus         Koiranen  1m22.621s  + 0.292s
 6.  Tio Ellinas          Manor     1m22.761s  + 0.432s
 7.  Dino Zamparelli      Manor     1m22.861s  + 0.532s
 8.  Carlos Sainz Jr      MW Arden  1m22.891s  + 0.562s
 9.  Robert Visoiu        MW Arden  1m22.893s  + 0.564s
10.  Jack Harvey          ART       1m22.925s  + 0.596s
11.  David Fumanelli      Trident   1m22.936s  + 0.607s
12.  Melville McKee       Bamboo    1m22.954s  + 0.625s
13.  Giovanni Venturini   Trident   1m22.993s  + 0.664s
14.  Patric Niederhauser  Jenzer    1m23.000s  + 0.671s
15.  Alex Fontana         Jenzer    1m23.019s  + 0.690s
16.  Adderly Fong         Status    1m23.054s  + 0.725s
17.  Eric Lichtenstein    Carlin    1m23.364s  + 1.035s
18.  Emanuele Zonzini     Trident   1m23.524s  + 1.195s
19.  Josh Webster         Status    1m23.559s  + 1.230s
20.  Luis Sa Silva        Carlin    1m23.878s  + 1.549s
21.  Samin Gomez          Jenzer    1m24.322s  + 1.993s
22.  Jimmy Eriksson       Status    1m25.044s  + 2.715s
23.  Carmen Jorda         Bamboo    1m25.103s  + 2.774s
24.  Ryan Cullen          Manor     1m41.349s  + 19.020s
25.  Patrick Kujala       Koiranen  1m23.294s  + 0.965s
26.  Nick Yelloly         Carlin    {no time}
27.  Lewis Williamson     Bamboo    {no time}

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