“Thoughts for Allan Simonsen”

Aston Martin GT driver, Allan Simonsen, was killed at Le Mans on Saturday following a crash on lap three at Tertre Rouge bend.

The 34 year old lost control of his Aston, pitching the Vantage GTE machine hard into the barrier. Despite being reportedly conscious at the time of the incident, Simonsen succumbed to injuries some time later.

It would be dreadfully irresponsible to begin theorising as to what measures may have helped prevent Simonsen’s injuries.
We can play CIS all we want, but in real life without the detailed crash information and associated data, only arrogance would allow me to put forward an authoritative view.

I did not really know Simonsen. With a focus in recent years geared towards British Formula 3 and other single seater categories, many of GTs personalities are to me an unknown.
Beyond the odd nod, wave and maybe a brief “hello”, we never spoke at any considerable length. Those who knew and worked with him have told of a chap who was warm, good natured and friendly – and he will be missed.

To reel off a list of achievements and awards would be to merely fill out this piece and I often feel in circumstances such as this, plastic prizes mean precious little. When those close to Simonsen remember him, they will reflect upon happier, more human moments and I hope those memories raise good feelings and smiles.

Simonsen’s death leaves behind a wife and young child. My thoughts are with them, his extended family, friends and the staff at Aston Martin.

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