“Sightseeing at the collecting spot”

It is something that one tends to see at some multi-class racing with a high number of entries – a temporary graveyard for cars recently broken and beyond repair.

The 2013 Spa 24 Hour Race started with 66 runners and as large at the paddock at Spa-Francorchamps is, sometimes stricken machines need to be spaced out for the paddock to remain practical.

In these areas, broken shells are taken to rest for a portion of the event – their chassis now inert carcases waiting to be quietly taken away and examined by disappointed engineers and mechanics.
Should the retirement have been due to a retirement error, the team manager may wish to garner a brief look, before admonishing his now embarrassed charger.

At this, the bottom end of the paddock at Spa-Francorchamps, interest lies amongst the truly committed. Despite the efforts to protect the teams’ wares, fans surround, climb and claw away at the tarpaulin in order get a glimpse of the machinery within.
Curiosity satisfied, some hang around to see what other damaged wonders remain and to see what will be joining the metallic graveyard.

© Leigh O'Gorman.
© Leigh O’Gorman.

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