Helmet on and HANS device been strapped in, Caterham Racing driver Alexander Rossi prepares for last weekend’s GP2 Series Feature Race at Monza.

Meanwhile series photographer Alastair Staley zooms in on the American, closely capturing Rossi’s gaze, before pulling his visor down and stepping – right foot first – into the cockpit of his Dallara GP2/11 chassis.

It’s been something of an up-and-down season for Rossi. A solid 8th place in the Feature would help him to pole position and an eventual 2nd place in the Sprint Race, but top results have been a touch scarce at times.
There have been two other podium finishes – both 3rd, in Bahrain and Spa-Francorchamps – but his season has mostly borne solid points scores, leaving Rossi just outside the top ten in the standings.

No doubt at all that Rossi was probably looking for more from this season, but the again, all drivers race to win and anything less will always be a disappointment to some degree.
Like everyone else, the 21-year-old has two more GP2 Series rounds to prove himself in 2013 and the dusk race at Singapore is next.

© Leigh O'Gorman
© Leigh O’Gorman

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