“Sleep Time”

For those who work 24 hour races, this is most likely a familiar feeling and sight.

As the second morning arises, those who have spent the night – and in many cases, also the previous day – taking precision photographs and / or reporting the finer details of the race begin to falter somewhat.

Where one was once fresh and alert, by 6 or 7 the following morning, lethargy and sluggishness have set in. Some give in to the natural urges and buy a little sleep time on their desk, while others – such as this writer – carry on, unaware of just how tired they will be come the chequered flag.

There is the inevitable second wind that hits around 10am; just after the twelfth coffee of the day and this – along with a quick shower – should be enough to get one through the day… you hope.

By the time everything gets wrapped up, many of these people will have been on the go for close to thirty hours. Just whatever you do, don’t tell them that there is still ten hours of the race remaining when the sun begins to rise.

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© Leigh O'Gorman
© Leigh O’Gorman

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