There is something gloriously old about Pau.

As a town, many of its buildings have a lived-in, long life comfortable feel about – honest about the lines and wear that age will bring. Monza, too, possesses such a charm.

As a circuit, Pau definitely harks back to days of old, although it’s more Monaco than Macau. Indeed, I have often heard it described as ‘Monaco, without the tacky tat’. But when one laps Pau, the similarities become clear.

The proximity of the barriers that line the layout means it feels quicker than it actually is and like Monaco, the challenges lay in the precision. One mistake and your day is done. Formula 3 did not go to Pau in 2013.

There are many, me included, that hope this rectified for 2014.

© Leigh O'Gorman
© Leigh O’Gorman

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