“The Simple Things”

Such simplicity. In an era of ultra complex electronics, mapping systems, communication devices and the like, tools such as the pit board seem a touch anachronistic.

Yet they pepper every pitwall and paddock – the last line of defence when all else fails. Carrying only the bare minimum of information, the pit boards are hung out of small slots in the pitwall, as their targets speed by. With feet to the floor, drivers need only a glimpse to capture the information – just moments to understand.

The pull on those who work the pitwall must not be underestimated either. While cars fly by, the speed acts like a suction device, pulling both the board and the hanging arms in the direction of the now departed machine. And then it’s done for yet another tour.

So simple, yet when all else fails, so necessary.

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© Leigh O'Gorman
© Leigh O’Gorman

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