Forgetfulness comes easily after a while. As trips to circuits, cities and countries mount up, it is not difficult to lose track of where one is, has been and where exactly one is supposed to be going.

After a time, destinations blend together and you realise, with a thud, that all the time spent brushing up on basic German is quite useless as you step off a plane in central Italy…

There are other slight embarrassments. All too often, one approaches the customs desk in airport security and becomes momentarily dumbstruck when asked where one has just come from…
‘Was it Amsterdam or Rome this week..? I don’t remember.’

Although when one only sees a city’s train or bus station or an airport car rental facility before travelling, it can become very easy to forget you have been.
Or where you are going…

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© Leigh O'Gorman
© Leigh O’Gorman

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