“Auto GP: Giovesi and Spinelli sign with Puma 3/Eurotech”

Kevin Giovesi. © Auto GP World Series
Kevin Giovesi. © Auto GP World Series

Auto GP veteran Kevin Giovesi is to be joined by rookie Loris Spinelli at the Puma 3 / Eurotech team this year.

Giovesi, a former GP2 driver and Cup Class champion in European F3 Open, débuted in Auto GP with Ghinzani Motorsport last year, taking five podiums along the way, despite only entering ten races.

Now going into his second season in the category, Giovesi is eyeing the title. For Spinelli, the task is entirely different. Apart from a single race weekend in Formula Abarth {note 1}, this is set to be Spinelli’s first foray into car racing – a massive promotion for a driver emerging from karts, ensuring the 18-year-old will have a steep learning curve ahead of him.

This will also prove an intriguing début for the Puma 3 / Eurotech team, with the Sergio Rinland and Jaime Pintanel run team also set to make their Auto GP at the opening round in Marrakech.

{note 1}
One must, at the appropriate times, take the quality of experience (or lack thereof) into account. Coming from karting to star in a single round of Formula Abarth Italia was a notable effort by Spinelli, but context is also key. Yes, the 18-year-old did score a podium in the final race of the weekend, but it is important to understand the comparative weakness of Formula Abarth’s field last year – a weakness somewhat reflected by Auto GP at the moment. From a personal view, my feeling is this may be too big a jump too soon for the young Spinelli; however I do hope to be proved wrong.

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