“Thoughts about Baku and Formula One”

Amidst today’s tributes for the late Roland Ratzenberger, there were further rumblings regarding the possibility of a Formula One Grand Prix in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan in 2016.

While there is no doubt that Baku could host a Grand Prix (with the right amount of money in place and there is enough of that), current events in a German courtroom must make one wonder just how realistic these excerpts of information are.

At the moment, there are those near the top of Formula One who are desperately attempting to paper over news that alludes to Bernie Ecclestone’s trial in Munich and for some that works fine.

Then again considering Baku’s desperation to become a tourist destination, nothing is impossible, although anyone who witnessed the absurd and chaotic GT race around the city centre in 2012 can attest to the madness caused when an ill-thought event springs up. Thankfully, last year’s event was far more sane, if rather blighted by the cold November weather.

A few will get off on the news of a race in Baku – others might be a little more circumspect. If money is delivered, then a Grand Prix upon the Azerbaijan streets could very well happen, but earnest declarations that the race will definitely happen are a touch premature, if not laughable.
But it could all be deflective nonsense and if this news gets people to not talk about Mr Ecclestone’s trial in Munich, then the purpose has been served, right?

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