“Thoughts on Monaco and Carparks”

There is a sideswiping wind crossing the GP2 Series paddock and media centre this weekend.

Rather than inside a baking tent, within site of the Formula One circus, when it comes to Monaco, GP2 bases itself on the second floor of a carpark about one kilometre down the road.

The half open walls ensure every gust of wind is felt and should it rain again this weekend, cover may need to be taken.

The famed principality was very actually rather cold today, even if it didn’t always look it on screen. A brief mid-afternoon hailstorm merely served to add some water to the proceedings, although it came and went during sessions.

Right now, looking across the last strips of car park space, one takes a lingering look at the TV and timing screen, only to note that none of the Formula One fraternity are venturing outside, in case the dampness causes an unwanted shunt. Shame for them, but also a touch understandable – desperately irritating if one happens to have paid for the privilege to watch an empty track.

Monaco is, without doubt, one of the most absurdly chaotic places that I have ever visited, although one might claim that is the charm. I may have to think about that one.

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