“Euroformula Open recreates Spanish F3 Championship”

The Spanish F3 Class was relaunched at Portimão. © FOTOSPEEDY.
The Spanish F3 Class was relaunched at Portimão. © FOTOSPEEDY.

The organisers of the Euroformula Open Series, GT Sport, have announced the recreation of the Spanish Formula 3 Championship.

The championship will be made up of the six Iberian races that form part of the Euroformula Open, including the already contested round at Portimão.

Other meetings to feature in this new class include next week’s round at Jerez and the October 18-19 events at Barcelona’s Circuit de Cataluña.

The reinvigoration of the category comes off the back of a desire from the RFEA (Spanish Motorsport Federation) to keep Spanish F3 alive, despite it having been renamed as ‘European F3 Open’ at the end of 2009.

Reflecting upon the choice to revive the Spanish F3, GT Sport CEO, Jesús Pareja commented: “We gladly responded to the wish expressed by RFEA, the Spanish Federation, not to see [Spanish F3], which we launched together in 2001, disappear, following the entry into force of the new rules regarding series using F3 cars.”

Pareja also sees the recreation of the Spanish F3 title as a potential selling point for the Euroformula Open Series, which has been slightly down on entrants from last season. “I think having the possibility to compete for an extra title will be extremely attractive for the Euroformula Open drivers and teams.”

Following the opener at the Algarve, Artur Janosz leads Sandy Stuvik and Alex Palou in the Euroformula Open standings; however in the Palou and Stuvik swap positions come the Spanish F3 standings. Britain’s Cameron Twynham lies 4th in both championship classes.

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