“GP3 Series: Rollhoop bars to be investigated”

Italian constructor, Dallara have recalled rollhoop bars for the GP3/13 car, in the aftermath of Mitch Gilbert’s horror crash at Silverstone last week.

Running at full pace in the wet during qualifying, Gilbert rammed into the rear of Sebastian Balthasar on the Hangar Straight, causing his Trident machine to backflip into the air. Upon landing, the rollhoop bar was ripped off, exposing Gilbert’s helmet to the ground as the car slid into the gravel trap.

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“GP3 rollhoops recalled after Silverstone crash investigation” (Autosport.com; July 10th, 2014)

Following their initial investigation, GP3 Series technical director, Didier Perrin told Autosport Magazine: “The rollhoop was pulled off the monocoque in this rearwards motion; we don’t know at what speed it impacted the ground, but this is very unusual.”
As a result, all rollhoop units have been recalled prior to Hockenheim to be re-enforced in effort to prevent similar occurrences.

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Mich Gilbert, Silverstone Blog (Mitchell-Gilbert.com; July 8th, 2014)

Commenting on his blog, the Australian Gilbert noted: “I hit this car at 235kph and […] landed upside down, and unfortunately, my roll hoop broke.
“It took away most of the initial impact, but my head was then dragging on the floor for about 200 metres.
Gilbert emerged from incident needing just stitches to his right hand, as he explains: “My steering wheel caught the ground […] and ripped out. My hand then dropped on the floor and was dragging a long the floor for quite a while.”
The Formula 3 regular will make another attempt at a GP3 Series start in Hockenheim next weekend.

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