“Hanging Around”

Following a rather long lay off due to injury, the German Grand Prix is to be my first race weekend back since Monaco.

It goes without saying that the past two months have been incredibly frustrating, as several trips have had to be cancelled as I waited.

It was also interesting to note how distant I had gone from airport routine once in Heathrow.
Parts of the airport “experience” had simply slipped from head, most likely due to amount of time one had spent lying on a couch with feet firmly propped into the air.

Alas apart from Kimi Raikkonen’s deft “I crashed” comment to FIFA nixing Nico Rosberg’s helmut, much of the Thursday musings have slipped me by on account of being office tied in other employment.

There were further developments at Caterham when it was announced that the new owners had laid off a portion of the staff in order to make the team more “efficient.”

We’ll see.

Admittedly, there is a part of me that always shudders when operations use the term “efficiency” to disguise the fact that they are sacking people.
But that is life unfortunately.

For now, lunch awaits.


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