“The Morning After”

It is not the warmest of mornings in Frankfurt. Even though the sun has yet to ascend in a way that is meaningful, one can already notice a thick, dull nothing on the horizon.

Come 6am and misty strips of light precipitation are beginning to fall too. It’s bloody grim actually and rather reads like a stereotypical image of London – typical as that is where I am going.

There was rain in the end at Hockenheim yesterday, albeit in the fifteen minutes after the Grand Prix and not of the heavy kind – not that it mattered to Nico Rosberg.
After the race, the German played a laid back figure, as he calmly faced the national media in the Mercedes motorhome; his hands resting firmly behind his head. In the press conference, Rosberg made light of there being a “little celebration that evening” – that is not to say we do not have the same definition of “little”.

Irrespective of whether people consider the German Grand Prix to be his home race or not, in the grand scheme of things it matters little. Today, Rosberg may be nursing a hangover, but his focus – if he can focus – will be on the 14 point lead he now holds over teammate Lewis Hamilton.
The Briton did drive a fierce race to finish 3rd, despite starting down in 20th position, but he will understandably be conflicted. The race became a damage limitation exercise, but had he not suffered a brake failure on Saturday, he knows he could have won.

If’s and but’s – it’s all if’s and but’s and realistically, they mean nothing the morning after.

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