“German Grand Prix Lapchart”

2014 German GP lapchart. © Leigh O’Gorman.
2014 German GP lapchart. © Leigh O’Gorman.

As noted previously, the secret to a good lapchart is to work fast and work diligently.

Realistically, this is where the bulk of my race report is formed, so it needs to be as accurate as possible.

It can actually get a bit easier as the race unfolds and gaps form between cars, although it can get complicated again when lapping occurs followed by pitstops allowing drivers to unlap themselves, before getting lapped again.

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As a note (you probably can’t see it too well from the pic), but the lap chart contains several legends, including:

“]” (covering two or more drivers) indicates a gap of less than a second;
“P” means driver in pits;
“DTP” means drive-through penalty;
”FL” means fastest lap (important in categories where bonus points are added for fastest lap);
”x” means driver has retired;
”/” (between drivers across two lap boxes) means one driver has overtaken another.

Across the top of the sheet, a constant gap is monitored between p1 and p2. As well as marking this, I also maintain shorthand notes during the race to help expend on particular incidents or battles.

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