“The Simple Things”

© Leigh O’Gorman
© Leigh O’Gorman

Occasionally in life, the quiet moments ring through the most special. When one spends so much flirting between an office in London and gravel filled stadiums of speed, find silence can be difficult.

But this was nice.

Pinned for an extra few hours to the town Hockenheim on Sunday evening due to a nationwide train strike across Germany would normally break my patience.

Yet while wandering the town, where most places had shut up for the evening – or in some cases had not opened that day – I came across a little ice cream shop offering relief.
A sweet portion of vanilla and nut flavour dessert followed by a coffee was enough to slow my temperament and head for the evening and cool my nerves.

Small towns breathe and exist in a way that cities never could; the slower nature becoming an easy remedy for the frantic noise that spill from cities. Sitting and looking out the window as life passes by can be dangerous in some situations, but also a wonderful cure in others.

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