“GP3 Series: Giotto tops post-season test”

Luca Ghiotto, Andrea Pizzitola and Mathéo Tuscher made the best of the end of year GP3 Series tests at the Yas Marina cirrcuit this week.

Although the experienced Kevin Ceccon topped the times at the end of day one in his Jenzer machine, it was Pizzitola who got the ball rolling in his ART Grand Prix machine, with Ed Jones (Carlin) and Antonio Fuoco (Koiranen GP) also setting the early pace.

There was a brief stoppage in time when Raoul Hyman (Jenzer) stopped on circuit. Thereafter Ceccon set a quickest of 1:55:501s, demoting the rest of the pack as the morning wore on, with Pizzitola dropping behind Jones and George Russell (Arden).
Pizzitola got on the pace early in the later session, although some time was lost when Alex Palou spun his Trident car. More time was lost later in the session when Fuoco stopped on track, but that was followed by an accident for Matt Rao who hit the barriers in turn three.

Tuscher made the best of the day two sessions, while Ghiotto at least headed the morning times.
The opening session was interrupted almost as early as it had started when Tatiana Calderon (ART Grand Prix), hit the barriers in turn two. Upon restart, Fuoco (now with Carlin) took to the top of the timings, only to beaten later by Palou, before Dylan Young (Hilmer) spun bringing out a second red flag. Thereafter Fuoco went faster still until Ghiotto blitzed all-comers – a status assured when Jack Aitken (Carlin) crashed at turn nineteen.

Mitch Gilbert (Arden) and Jimmy Eriksson (Koiranen GP) tangled with the top spot in the early afternoon running, before Ghiotto set a faster time, while Seb Morris improved to 2nd, impressing in his Status GP drive. Soft tyre runs ruled the roost late in the day, with many improving, including Tuscher who best of 1:55.583s proved a mere eight-thousandths faster than Morris.

Fuoco joined Ghiotto at the top of the class on the final day, but it was the latter who proved fastest of the pair. As with the GP2 tests, the final day proved the quickest by far, with the final times nearly half-a-second up on the opening two days. While Fuoco controlled the top from Palou, it was a difficult morning for Riccardo Agostini and Kourosh Khani (both Hilmer), both of whom stopped on circuit.
Fuoco was again quick after the break, but so too was Tuscher who found the peak, while Eriksson and Jones showed their form. Yet it was Ghiotto who helped himself to head of the pack with a best of 1:55.132s – setting what was easily the best-timed lap of the week.

GP3 Series; 2014 Post-season test: Combined classification
Pos Driver             Team         Time     Laps
 1. Luca Ghiotto       Trident      1:55.134s 160
 2. Antonio Fuoco      ART GP       1:55.298s  56
 3. Kevin Ceccon       Jenzer       1:55.501s  26
 4. Mathéo Tuscher     Jenzer       1:55.369s 146
 5. Ed Jones           Carlin       1:55.378s  94
 6. Alex Palou         Trident      1:55.590s  86
 7. Seb Morris         Status GP    1:55.591s 155
 8. Ralph Boschung     Jenzer       1:55.392s 153
 9. Jack Aitken        Carlin       1:55.435s 106
10. Mitch Gilbert      ART GP       1:55.452s  66
11. Matt Parry         Koiranen GP  1:55.635s  58
12. Alex Palou         ART GP       1:55.649s  53
13. Jimmy Eriksson     Koiranen GP  1:55.660s  69
14. Antonio Fuoco      Carlin       1:55.684s  59
15. Gustavo Menezes    Status GP    1:55.709s 106
16. Matt Parry         Status GP    1:55.744s 104
17. Alfonso Celis Jr   ART GP       1:55.763s 117
18. Andrea Pizzitola   Arden Int.   1:55.764s 110
19. Mitch Gilbert      Arden Int.   1:55.815s 104
20. Andrea Pizzitola   ART GP       1:55.832s  54
21. Steijn Schothorst  Koiranen GP  1:55.888s  81
22. Steijn Schothorst  Status GP    1:55.888s  54
23. Artur Janosz       Arden Int.   1:56.060s 111
24. George Russell     Arden Int.   1:56.078s  50
25. Riccardo Agostini  Hilmer       1:56.151s  60
26. Kang Ling          Jenzer       1:56.256s  17
27. Artur Janosz       ART GP       1:56.258s  43
28. Amaury Bonduel     Trident      1:56.298s 155
29. Patrick Kujala     Arden Int.   1:56.309s  44
30. Raoul Hyman        Jenzer       1:56.316s 113
31. Ryan Cullen        Koiranen GP  1:56.354s  94
32. Matt Rao           Carlin       1:56.377s 159
33. Christopher Mies   Hilmer       1:56.474s  60
34. Alfonso Celis Jr   Status GP    1:56.491s  48
35. Gustavo Menezes    Carlin       1:56.560s  49
36. Tatiana Calderon   ART GP       1:56.697s  88
37. Antonio Fuoco      Koiranen GP  1:56.783s  46
38. Zaid Ashkanani     Trident      1:57.092s  53
39. Kang Ling          Hilmer       1:57.114s 108
40. Raoul Hyman        Arden Int.   1:57.664s  56
41. Kourosh Khani      Hilmer       1:58.454s  64
42. Dylan Young        Hilmer       1:58.609s  59

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