“The Smooth”

One of the more curious elements of motorsport is that, sometimes, the quickest driver is not necessarily the one who is flashiest on track.

Indeed, being smooth and calculating more often than not proves to be fastest way to transverse a circuit, as drivers maximise the limits of a layout without going overboard.

Or even without needing to go overboard.

Those in complete control of their machines rarely ever need to be flashy, or constantly on the ragged edge. The tales of drivers being the absolute fastest while throwing their car around violently are a sort of Hollywood invention.

All that serves to do is waste time and when the gaps in modern motorsport are so often covered by tenths, hundredths or even thousandths, it does little good to throw them away by being flashy.
It might look impressive on television, but it is less like to garner top results and impress those who need to be impressed.

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