“Closing Time”

© Leigh O'Gorman.
© Leigh O’Gorman.

Sunday evening following the 74th Grand Prix de Pau and come 8.15pm, it is time to leave.

From a rather pleasant, if windy day, the clouds ahead began to thicken and gaze. Picking up further still, the now tumultuous draft necessitated zipped and buttoned jackets, while those lucky (or clever) enough to have brought hats began to pull the rims down over now cold ears.

The escape was reasonably quick though. Based partially underground, the easy access car park provided a rare warmth and cover from whistling winds.

Soon, we pulled away from the scene of one of the world’s most enigmatic temporary racing circuit’s – now back to living as a regular street. Thereafter it was a long, but quick drive to Toulouse and to another airport hotel and eventual flight.

We missed the rain though – just. Had the clouds opened only a few hours earlier, who knows how different the race could have developed…

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