“The Pink Cards”

Following this morning’s Super Formula race on Let’s Go Racing’s YouTube channel, I was asked about the info cards I use for comms.

It’s all quite simple really, but helps a great deal for live, fast-paced sessions, such as races or qualifying.

I always try to make the info shorthand, so it’s easy to digest in a moment. A lot of it is already known or memorised, but it is always good to have something to flick to in a moment.

In this sample are four “driver cards.”

Here are Naomi Yamamoto (reigning champion), Nirei Fukuzumi (rookie), Kamui Kobayashi (international driver) & Nick Cassidy (successful continental driver, with potential international success.

The section under driver and team names is key info of career successes and other notes.

“Best Res Track” is best results at each given circuit (denoted by a three letter abbreviation), when it was achieved, and/or how many times. Then there are columns noting 2019 Super Formula qualifying and race results.

Lastly on the bottom right is live championship position and points. As the year passes, more info will be added, but must remain as shorthand as possible.

Very, very useful aids.

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