“Super Formula: No real racing for Real Racing in 2020”

© Super Formula

Super Formula stalwarts Real Racing have withdrawn from the 2020 season, following a tumultuous campaign last time out.

Established by former racer Katsutomo Kaneishi in 2003, Real Racing entered Super Formula’s predecessor – Formula Nippon – in 2011 and have been a near constant presence in the following years, mainly with Koudai Tsukakoshi behind the wheel.

In a season where funding was rumoured to be tight, Real Racing opened the season with the inexperienced Tristan Charpentier driving for one race, before he was ejected in favour for Tsukakoshi.
The veteran Tsukakoshi did not score until the final race of the season, when he registered two points with a 7th place finish at Suzuka.

Real Racing’s departure means the field will retract to twenty entries. The team hope to return in 2021.

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