“First of the Year, the First of Many”

Sunday morning saw the Japanese Super Formula season finally begin.

Alas, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rumble on, there were no visits to the studio for the race – this was a home conversion.

And beyond some minor technical setbacks, it all worked out rather well.

In the end, the race was not the most exciting, but one can accept that in motorsport from time-to-time, just as long as you know how to fix it by taking the right steps.

Chester enjoys the scene, as I ran through the final pre-broadcast checks.

For this show, it was important just to get on screen and get the race out to audiences everywhere and in that, it was a success.

Congratulations to The Race for their efforts and to Sam Collins for another excellent job in the commentary “box”.

There are still six more Super Formula rounds to go.
Let’s continue to nail it.

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