“Ready. Steady…”

The set-up is not the most technical, but does still require some consideration of precision.

There are a number of elements of course – a reasonably speedy laptop helps, as does a good quality sound card with microphone and headset, while a clip-on webcam completes the connection.
All of this is, of course, relatively straightforward.

Tying it all together is this mobile lighting system, which – on the surface – puzzles me somewhat.

Switched on upon its stand, dials are adjusted, configured and reconfigured until someone on the other end of a Skype line gives me the thumbs up.
Remote coverage of live motor racing is far from ideal, but these are not ideal times, by any stretch.

Whether it actually looks good or not is, frankly, beyond me. Thereafter, it’s just the words from my head pouring out of my mouth, puncturing the images on screen.

And on this given Sunday, there were many words.
Many words.


© Leigh O'Gorman

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