“The End of One Road; The Start of a New One”

From January 1st 2023, WorldInMotorsport.com will become the primary output for my work.

With that, TheMotorsportArchive.com will cease publishing posts, although the archive will remain live.

World in Motorsport is a publication dedicated to delivering the best in feature interviews, in depth studies from the world of motorsport – whether Formula One, Indycar, DTM and beyond – as well as delivering high quality sporting, technical and industry analysis.

As both a stylish A5 coffee table style “bookazine” and website, World in Motorsport contains essays, interviews, studies and dissertations examining critical and important areas in motor racing. A video channel is also to launch in the foreseeable future.

While World in Motorsport Magazine is priced at £10 for the physical copy or £5 for the digital version, works on worldinmotorsport.com and the World in Motorsport Substack page – which act as introductory windows to the magazine – shall remain free to read.

Alternatively if you are happy to just stick to the site, then please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber. With your generous support, World in Motorsport can continue to bring you exclusive works and content, while diving deep into the avenues of motorsport that make the wheels turn.

Debuting in April 2008, TheMotorsportArchive.com has been a steady portal for race news, coverage and updates; however, as my work has moved further from reporting toward extensive feature-length work and studies, the relevance of TheMotorsportArchive.com has decreased.

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