“The Shy Champion: Phil Hill”

As the 1961 season drew to a close, Ferrari's Wolfgang von Trips was leading team mate Phil Hill and only needed a podium to claim the crown. In the end, death betrayed the German – with von Trips dead in the circuit’s medical unit and Sir Stirling Moss eleven points adrift; Hill became the first American World Champion with one race to spare.

“Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante”

------ This post was originally published on Too Much Racing in August of last year, as part of the VivaF1 blogger swap shop. The Grand Débutante reappears here today, as it marks the 50th anniversary of Giancarlo Baghetti's great achievement. ------ In terms of startling Grand Prix débuts, few will ever rank as highly as … Continue reading “Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante”

The Fomula 1 Blogger Swap Shop

As part of VivaF1's blogger swap shop, I have posted Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante over on Pat Wotton's I Watch Too Much Racing website. Hopefully those that read it will find it to be a nice little engaging post (little at 1701 words?). There is supposed to be a corresponding post from a different … Continue reading The Fomula 1 Blogger Swap Shop