The Fomula 1 Blogger Swap Shop

As part of VivaF1’s blogger swap shop, I have posted Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante over on Pat Wotton’s I Watch Too Much Racing website. Hopefully those that read it will find it to be a nice little engaging post (little at 1701 words?). There is supposed to be a corresponding post from a different blogger coming soon and will post that as soon as I get it. There are other blogs taking part in the swap shop, notably F1 Weekender, An F1 Blog, Sidepodcast, Grab Bag Sports, Making Up the Numbers, La Canta Magnifico, Nick Hipkin on F1 and F1 Wolf.

In the meantime, life is quiet with not much racing going down at the moment; especially with F1’s summer shutdown in place and IndyCar having a week off.
Have fun everybody while nothing is happening.

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