More Further Reading

With the third Viva F1 Blogger Swap Shop wrapping up, I was once again one of the last to post - not unusual at all now. I had the pleasure of writing "Impressions of the Rear" for Gavin Brown's Making up the Numbers site; a piece concentrating briefly on the rear of the grid in … Continue reading More Further Reading

Grand Prix View

The nice people over at VivaF1 recently started their very own e-magazine called Grand Prix View. The PDF covers everything from the latest news, titbits from Formula 1, technical information and feature articles - in fact the latest issue (which is actually only the second effort) features a guest piece from my very own self … Continue reading Grand Prix View

The Fomula 1 Blogger Swap Shop

As part of VivaF1's blogger swap shop, I have posted Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante over on Pat Wotton's I Watch Too Much Racing website. Hopefully those that read it will find it to be a nice little engaging post (little at 1701 words?). There is supposed to be a corresponding post from a different … Continue reading The Fomula 1 Blogger Swap Shop