New Blood

There are times when the attention of the media and Formula 1 team bosses wander, as their eyes capture a precocious new talent coming into focus. These moments, when a new young hero makes themselves known to the paddock is often the same time an ageing animal begins to fall from view. It is the sport changing its guard.

Arrogance: The Public Decline of Michael Schumacher

It was just the sheer arrogant nature of it all. One car weakened by ageing tyres vying with another machine on superior rubber; one driver - at a time retired - back with questionable motivation against another veteran, refreshed and reinvigorated by a fresh challenge. When Michael Schumacher moved his Mercedes across the Williams of … Continue reading Arrogance: The Public Decline of Michael Schumacher

Sometimes Wonderful Things Happen

Regardless of the level of competition, motorsport is for the most part a dangerous and cut throat industry that has left many talented drivers on the sidelines, but occasionally a story emerges that displays a human and more considered side. Stories such as the emergence of Brawn from the ashes of Honda in Formula 1 … Continue reading Sometimes Wonderful Things Happen

Was Refuelling Banned Too Soon?

Some weeks ago, I wrote a rather positive post about the banning of refuelling - and it is something that I am still rather positive about; however even I am also happy to concede that alterations could have been made to the regulation to aid good racing. At this stage it has already been determined … Continue reading Was Refuelling Banned Too Soon?

No Double-Diffusers from 2011 Onwards

I have always been a firm believer that there is scientific equation that should technically calculate the amount of aerodynamic downforce necessary when taking into account things like speed, mechanical downforce and so forth and for all intents and purposes, the answer to that equation should be "1". In other words the aerodynamic grip required … Continue reading No Double-Diffusers from 2011 Onwards

Movers and Shakers

Often when things heat up in the world of Formula 1 and the IRL, a tendency to just sit back, relax and watch what happens sets in as I am very well aware that things move very fast - often too fast to assert any sort of reliable thought or opinion. On many occasions, a … Continue reading Movers and Shakers

Brawn Racing?

News is slowly but surely leaking about the fate of Honda F1. If rumours are to be believed, former Ferrari Technical Director, Ross Brawn, has led the buy-out with help from Bernie Ecclestone (in lieu of a portion of next season's prize money) - a buy out that is thought to have finished Nick Fry's … Continue reading Brawn Racing?