Brawn Racing?

News is slowly but surely leaking about the fate of Honda F1. If rumours are to be believed, former Ferrari Technical Director, Ross Brawn, has led the buy-out with help from Bernie Ecclestone (in lieu of a portion of next season’s prize money) – a buy out that is thought to have finished Nick Fry’s relationship with the team.

Regardless of what many think of Formula 1, it must surely be welcomed that in a time constant company closures and redundancies, this buy-out may save at least 500 of the 700 jobs with the team and with measures in place to bring the cost of participation in the World Championship down, this may even secure the long term future of the team – it is also this economic strategy that has made the 2010 entry for the new USF1 team possible.

However, the car has still been run and as a result Brawn Racing (or whatever they end up being called) face an uphill battle for the rest of the season – which is why holding onto veteran Brazilian driver, Rubens Barrichello, makes perfect sense.
With Bruno Senna waiting in the wings, Barrichello must surely know that this will be his final season in the top flight and many would not be surprised to see him make a move to either the IRL (Indy Racing League) or DTM (German Touring Car Championship) for 2010.

Although the signing of Ayrton Senna’s nephew may have brought with it sponsors, immediate income and publicity; Brawn Racing desperately need experience and with mid-season testing banned, the only time the car can be run for development is at Grand Prix weekend’s. It would appear that the team will really need Barrichello’s in depth knowledge of the machinery to progress through the year and with Button already signed for the next three years, Honda have an apparent strong front for the moment. No doubt that Senna will make to Formula 1 eventually – just not yet it would seem.

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