Texas Barbecue Briscoe

When Ryan Briscoe lost the 2009 IndyCar Series title race to Dario Franchitti at the final round at Homestead, many pointed fingers to an error he made at the end of the previous round in Motegi as the turning point. It was at the Japanese race that Briscoe made an unforced error while on the … Continue reading Texas Barbecue Briscoe

Mike Lawrence “Culture”

A few folks that know me, know that I am a fan of a number of Formula 1 and Motorsports websites and blogs in general, but one of my favourites is a website called PitPass. Many F1 websites and journalists tend to be rather sycophantic simply because they have to be - any anti-FIA articles … Continue reading Mike Lawrence “Culture”

Congratulations to Sebastien Loeb

*I was actually meant to post this on Monday, but things have been busy, busy, busy... It has a number of years since I last followed the World Rally Championship properly - it is around the turn of the decade that I lost touch with the series. This had nothing to do with not liking … Continue reading Congratulations to Sebastien Loeb

Get Well Soon Will Power and Nelson Philippe

Just a short note here folks; I want to send my best wishes and "get well soon's" to both Will Power and Nelson Philippe who were involved in pretty big smash in free practice from the IRL GP of Sonoma earlier this morning (a clip of the crash is below).  Essentially, Philippe spun coming through … Continue reading Get Well Soon Will Power and Nelson Philippe

Time, Part 1 (IRL)

It's been a strange year for the IRL thus far in 2009 - a poor global economy, Tony George ousted at the Indianapolis Speedway, some surprisingly processional oval races and virtual dominance from two teams has brought the series in for a lot of criticism from all sides. On the other hand though, we have … Continue reading Time, Part 1 (IRL)

Felipe Massa Accident

Just a quick to wish Felipe Massa well and hope he recovers soon. It's amazing that less than a week after an errant wheel killed young Henry Surtees, a piece of stray suspension injures Massa in such a horrific way. For those who did not see it, a torsion bar from Rubens Barrichello's rear suspension … Continue reading Felipe Massa Accident

Henry Surtees (R.I.P.)

This has been a very tough weekend for motorsports. Firstly, earlier on today, the Rally of Bulgaria was cancelled when navigator Flavio Gugelmini was killed and his driver Brian Lavio injured in an accident on Special Stage 7. That was followed by an accident at Brands Hatch this afternoon that claimed the life of 18 … Continue reading Henry Surtees (R.I.P.)

Was the 2009 IRL Texas 550 Fixed? (**Updated)

While sitting in watching Round 6 of the current IRL season from Texas Motor Speedway something quite irritating popped into my head (apart from the incessant ad-breaks). Ryan Briscoe - once again driving an impeccable racing for Penske - was leading by around 11 seconds (just under half-a-lap) and had lapped everyone up until Tony … Continue reading Was the 2009 IRL Texas 550 Fixed? (**Updated)

Brawn Racing?

News is slowly but surely leaking about the fate of Honda F1. If rumours are to be believed, former Ferrari Technical Director, Ross Brawn, has led the buy-out with help from Bernie Ecclestone (in lieu of a portion of next season's prize money) - a buy out that is thought to have finished Nick Fry's … Continue reading Brawn Racing?