Felipe Massa Accident

Just a quick to wish Felipe Massa well and hope he recovers soon.

It’s amazing that less than a week after an errant wheel killed young Henry Surtees, a piece of stray suspension injures Massa in such a horrific way.

For those who did not see it, a torsion bar from Rubens Barrichello’s rear suspension fell off and punctured Felipe Massa’s helmet as he closely followed the Brawn car. Massa hit the 2 kilo torsion bar at 140 mph which then ripped a large chunk out of his helmet lip and cut deeply into his brow just above his left eye.

The Ferrari driver was then stabilised before being airlifted to hospital with what is now confirmed as a damaged skull and brain concussion and just undergone surgery to relieve some of the pressure off of his brain.
It is still unknown exactly what the extent of damage was done though; he might be in Valencia in four weeks time or he might not be back in the car until Australia next March.

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