“Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante”

------ This post was originally published on Too Much Racing in August of last year, as part of the VivaF1 blogger swap shop. The Grand Débutante reappears here today, as it marks the 50th anniversary of Giancarlo Baghetti's great achievement. ------ In terms of startling Grand Prix débuts, few will ever rank as highly as … Continue reading “Giancarlo Baghetti: The Grand Débutante”

Reflections: “Clark dominates at Clermont-Ferrand – 1965 French Grand Prix (Rd 4)”

Before the 1965 French Grand Prix, Lotus driver Jim Clark was quietly confident. After three rounds, the legendary Scot had a three-point advantage over BRM's Graham Hill when they arrived at Clermont-Ferrand. With skill and smoothness a premium at the French circuit, Clark possessed an advantage that often superseded the superb engineering of his nimble Lotus 33. In the race, he would made it look so easy.

“This Charming Man: Carlos Pace”

Something that is often lost in the grey, highly corporate world of modern motor racing is charm – that ability to please and appeal to all people with neither effort or force. It was inevitable that as Bernie Ecclestone helped reshape Formula 1 into the mammoth global entity that it is today, much of the … Continue reading “This Charming Man: Carlos Pace”

Jumping the Fence

Today marks the first anniversary of the death of Henry Surtees in a Formula 2 race at Brands Hatch. The teenager was fatally injured when an errant wheel from Jack Clarke's Motorsport Vision machine hit Surtees in the head as he approached Sheene Curve. This weekend just passed saw the junior formula return to the … Continue reading Jumping the Fence

The 2010 Formula 2 Championship

This weekend sees the reinvigorated Formula 2 Championship begin its second season since its 2009 revamp. The series kicks off at Silverstone; the first of nine rounds that also takes in events at circuits such as Monza, Zolder, Portimao and Brands Hatch amongst others as a support to the World Touring Car Championship, although the … Continue reading The 2010 Formula 2 Championship

Felipe Massa Accident

Just a quick to wish Felipe Massa well and hope he recovers soon. It's amazing that less than a week after an errant wheel killed young Henry Surtees, a piece of stray suspension injures Massa in such a horrific way. For those who did not see it, a torsion bar from Rubens Barrichello's rear suspension … Continue reading Felipe Massa Accident

Henry Surtees (R.I.P.)

This has been a very tough weekend for motorsports. Firstly, earlier on today, the Rally of Bulgaria was cancelled when navigator Flavio Gugelmini was killed and his driver Brian Lavio injured in an accident on Special Stage 7. That was followed by an accident at Brands Hatch this afternoon that claimed the life of 18 … Continue reading Henry Surtees (R.I.P.)

The Death of Jim Clark, Part 2

There is finality about death that means for the most part you only need to write about it once - essentially a life has ended and with that, details unfold and slot together to present a story about person's unique visions, feelings and experiences. The finality...... apart from a few exceptions and skeletons, there is … Continue reading The Death of Jim Clark, Part 2