Reflections: “Prost from the Brink – 1982 South African Grand Prix (Rd 1)”

Formula 1 loves controversy; it feeds off of it. Without the public displays of placated aggravation and sugar-coated cat calling, Formula 1 would probably fall from the public eye. At the start of 1982, Formula 1 got it very, very wrong.

“This Charming Man: Carlos Pace”

Something that is often lost in the grey, highly corporate world of modern motor racing is charm – that ability to please and appeal to all people with neither effort or force. It was inevitable that as Bernie Ecclestone helped reshape Formula 1 into the mammoth global entity that it is today, much of the … Continue reading “This Charming Man: Carlos Pace”

2010 Monaco Grand Prix (Monte Carlo, Round 6, May 13th – 16th)

At just over two miles long, the Monte Carlo circuit is unique in modern Formula 1 competition. A supremely narrow 19-turn course that weaves its way around the famous Monaco streets that lines the Mediterranean and one of the sport's standing remnants of the old days of motor racing - there really is no other … Continue reading 2010 Monaco Grand Prix (Monte Carlo, Round 6, May 13th – 16th)

Interview: Karun Chandhok (Hispania Racing Formula 1 Driver)

One of the final driver signings for the 2010 Formula 1 season was Karun Chandhok, who has been paired with GP2 team mate Bruno Senna at the newly formed Hispania Racing Team.  The 26 year-old is the second Indian driver to compete in Formula 1 and although he has had a rather difficult beginning to … Continue reading Interview: Karun Chandhok (Hispania Racing Formula 1 Driver)

2010 Chinese Grand Prix (Shanghai, Round 4, April 16th – 18th)

Following disappointing retirements in the first two races of the season, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel was relieved to finally come home victorious in Sepang, but the niggling doubts about the Austrian squad's reliability must surely have been playing on his mind throughout the Malaysian weekend. Now those doubts have been eased following a relatively easy … Continue reading 2010 Chinese Grand Prix (Shanghai, Round 4, April 16th – 18th)

Following the Storm

Following last weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix, Formula 1 received a rather large amount of criticism from the fans, teams, drivers and media alike for what was quite a dull main event. While many relevant points have been made regarding how the new rules may have stifled overtaking, the sport must stop short of knee jerk … Continue reading Following the Storm

Shortcutting Formula 1

It was reported during the week that Formula 1 commercial maestro Bernie Ecclestone mused about spicing up races by placing short-cuts at various points at circuits that could be used a number of times during a Grand Prix. Naturally this was picked up by a number of media sources and some fans reacted by going … Continue reading Shortcutting Formula 1

Brawn Racing?

News is slowly but surely leaking about the fate of Honda F1. If rumours are to be believed, former Ferrari Technical Director, Ross Brawn, has led the buy-out with help from Bernie Ecclestone (in lieu of a portion of next season's prize money) - a buy out that is thought to have finished Nick Fry's … Continue reading Brawn Racing?

Honda F1 Buyout?

Strange rumours are seeping out of Honda F1 with regards to the teams future. Bosses at the Japanese corporation's headquarters announced in December that they were pulled out of competition with immediate effect and since then there has been a rush to find buyers. Although no buyer has yet been announced, a number of rumours … Continue reading Honda F1 Buyout?