Shortcutting Formula 1

It was reported during the week that Formula 1 commercial maestro Bernie Ecclestone mused about spicing up races by placing short-cuts at various points at circuits that could be used a number of times during a Grand Prix. Naturally this was picked up by a number of media sources and some fans reacted by going a little bit apeshit about their sport being ruined.
But surely, this is obvious bullshit..? In reality, does anyone really believe that shortcuts would ever be introduced into Formula 1. Quite apart from it being one of the most ridiculous suggestions to have ever dropped from Bernie’s mouth, it would go a hell of a long way to appease fair weather fans while killing the enthusiasm for “proper” motor-racing fanatics. So, would it happen?The chances are… no. 


Quite simply, there is next to nothing happening in Formula 1 at the moment. For all intents and purposes, Bernie put out a press release (any quote – it really doesn’t matter what) that got newspapers and other other media talking about the sport again. Come the end of January, cars start to get unveiled (McLaren is the first up on January 25th) and the initial shakedown tests will begin and this piece of “news” will quickly sink away like it was always meant to.
By the way for 2011, the cars will be getting eight tyres and the year after that fuel will be replaced by the leftover fumes of Welsh dragons as Michael Schumacher prepares to run for the presidency of Germany. I could be bullshitting you though…

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