“The Power of Exaggeration”

Fernando Alonso’s crash on the final day of the second pre-season Formula One test at Barcelona did more than take him out of the rest of the running. It gave a speedy rise to unfounded speculation and exaggeration. It also displayed how sensitive the sport still is to developing stories surrounding driver care.

Shortcutting Formula 1

It was reported during the week that Formula 1 commercial maestro Bernie Ecclestone mused about spicing up races by placing short-cuts at various points at circuits that could be used a number of times during a Grand Prix. Naturally this was picked up by a number of media sources and some fans reacted by going … Continue reading Shortcutting Formula 1

Prelude to the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix takes place later on today, but I just hope that the race is somewhat good as anything that detracts from the Max Mosley scandal is welcome as there it is conceivable that a truly fascinating Championship battle is building up. Personally I don't care who he has sex with or what … Continue reading Prelude to the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix