Prelude to the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix takes place later on today, but I just hope that the race is somewhat good as anything that detracts from the Max Mosley scandal is welcome as there it is conceivable that a truly fascinating Championship battle is building up.
Personally I don’t care who he has sex with or what the themes are (although the reference to Nazi-ism may be quite overblown), but as far as I’m concerned it is a private affair. Whatever people do though, don’t forget that it was the pressure applied by Mosley that has made both racing cars and road cars much safer in the last twenty years.
I’m well aware of the politics of Mosley’s father, but don’t confuse the two people as an individual. Speaking German does not make a public figure a Nazi and let’s be honest – a prostitute in a dominatrix theme is hardly the filthiest thing out there. Draw what conclusions you want from the News of the World, but it is hardly the most articulate avenue for intelligent politicised thinking. Mosley is 67 now and he has stated that he wanted to leave the FIA at the end of his present term (late-2009) as he’ll be 69 and may begin to ‘lose it’ should he stay on, but it is possible that he’ll not be president after June 3rd when the FIA committee convene for a general meeting.

Whether or not he is guilty of any crime – whatever the legal or moral stance – is irrelevant. What matters is that the sport has been brought into disrepute by this situation and the readers of the News of the World who cheer on Lewis Hamilton because he’s British can rest easy at night knowing (or not knowing) that another day brings another scandal.

Roll on the rag – News of the World indeed!!

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