The Possible Return of Michelin

They may have been the favourites all along to replace Bridgestone as Formula 1's new tyre supplier, but it appears that French rubber manufacturer Michelin are close to doing a deal for 2011 onwards; however they may not be the sport's sole supplier as originally indicated. When Michelin originally left Formula in 2006, it almost … Continue reading The Possible Return of Michelin

Flavio Briatore’s Ban Overturned

It would appear that the lifetime FIA-motorsports ban of former-Renault boss, Flavio Briatore, has been overturned. His ban was initiated following Nelson Piquet Jr's deliberate crash during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix, which led to team leader Fernando Alonso jumping from 15th place to 1st position when the safety car emerged - from there, Alonso … Continue reading Flavio Briatore’s Ban Overturned

Prelude to the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix

The Spanish Grand Prix takes place later on today, but I just hope that the race is somewhat good as anything that detracts from the Max Mosley scandal is welcome as there it is conceivable that a truly fascinating Championship battle is building up. Personally I don't care who he has sex with or what … Continue reading Prelude to the 2008 Spanish Grand Prix