The Bashing of Emanuele Pirro

Pirro drove for Audi in 2008. ©

Not content with bashing regular folk when they have the chance, British tabloid nonsense peddler, the Daily Mail, went on the warpath today against one of motorsports true gents.

Writing in today’s edition, Jonathan McEvoy saw fit to tar the legendary Emanuele Pirro with its own fanciful piece of subtlety.
Noting that Pirro is the driver steward for this weekend’s Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, McEvoy has targeted Pirro for another of their garbage campaigns that generally revolve around the theme of “they’re not English, therefore they’re against us”.
It would seem that the Daily Mail have noted that that Pirro is Italian… and therefore he must be – quite obviously – be angling a way to make sure Ferrari win both the race and the World Championship.


Pirro who (ironically enough) drove a McLaren F1 GTR in the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hour Race, claimed five Le Mans victories with German giant, Audi. Having graduated from the International Formula 3000 Championship in 1986 with Onyx Racing, the Roman racer went on to drive for two Italian other squads in a brief Formula 1 career – namely Benetton and Scuderia Italia.
Yet it would seem that the Daily Mail’s ire is that Pirro has Ferrari road car – he must therefore be heavily biased towards the Prancing Horse. In their rather short-sighted view, this can only be a case of the FIA trying to organise the final Grand Prix of the season, so that Ferrari can be victorious.

The likes of the Daily Mail must really be missing Max Mosley right now. An intriguing man that garnered far too many of his own headlines in the latter years of his tenure as FIA president; he gave the paper far too many stories to pen.  Sadly, now that Mosley has departed, the Daily Mail still appears to be stuck in some alternative universe, where ignorance is king and differing accents are not to be trusted.  How incredibly sad.
Thankfully, most Formula 1 and motorsport fans are intelligent people with a slightly better grasp of reality.

Perhaps someone should tell the Daily Mail that former Ferrari team principal Jean Todt is currently president of the FIA and that this is also a conspiracy to decide who wins the title. Somehow I can’t imagine them being able to spell “Jean Todt” properly.

Who is John Todd anyway?

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