Pining for the Green Hell

As Formula 1 has left Europe for the 2010 season, it is almost certain that many will gripe about some of the modern tracks that the series will visit over the next six weeks, while praising the gems that are Interlagos and Suzuka. Those two circuits have become treasures within the wider community of Formula … Continue reading Pining for the Green Hell

The 2011 Formula 1 Championship Season

The 2011 Formula 1 calendar was launched today at the World Motor Sports Council meeting in Paris and as thought, the series is up to twenty races. While it is quite nice to have a busy schedule, perhaps Formula 1 should also worry about the potential for overkill. What is also quite perplexing is this … Continue reading The 2011 Formula 1 Championship Season

Guest Post: Engine Limitations

As part of Viva F1's blog swap shop, Maverick from the aforementioned site has dropped in with a sweet little post about the power and usage of engines in this years Formula 1 World Championship. Several other posts have gone up to on various sites, including: Phil Jackson writing about Felipe Massa at Viva F1; … Continue reading Guest Post: Engine Limitations

2010 Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal, Round 8, June 11th-13th)

2009 was the first time in over twenty years that Formula 1 did not visit North America and for all concerned, it was a mistake - not only did it leave the teams and manufacturers worried about an increasingly ignored market, it left the many fans in North America without a race in a 2000-mile … Continue reading 2010 Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal, Round 8, June 11th-13th)

The Ideal Formula 1 Calender

An interesting post on Triple League Racing regarding an ideal Formula 1 schedule got me thinking seriously - where would I have the races run and in what order. It's taken me about three days, but based on there being 19 potential World Championship races in a season with one non-championship Grand Prix mid-season, here … Continue reading The Ideal Formula 1 Calender