The 2011 Formula 1 Championship Season

The 2011 Formula 1 calendar was launched today at the World Motor Sports Council meeting in Paris and as thought, the series is up to twenty races. While it is quite nice to have a busy schedule, perhaps Formula 1 should also worry about the potential for overkill.

What is also quite perplexing is this drive for green initiatives, all the while putting more and more races on the calendar.  Like music festivals that call themselves “green” when they are clearly not taking into account the cost of pollution fans bring, this is frankly absurd.
With all this in mind, last week it was announced that the 2013 regulations may be framed around turbo-charged I4 engine units, powered to around 650BHP.  There is also some consideration to reintroducing ground effect aerodynamics – suddenly 1980 all over again; there’s an ongoing recession, the calamitous Tories are back in power after Labour failures and an Aussie is challenging for the title.

Once again, Bahrain opens next season, but on the original version of the track; meanwhile Brazil will conclude it. This was also the case last year, when the calendar was changed very late on meaning Abu Dhabi picked up the end of season finish.
It is absolutely right for the season to end in Brazil (as it was for it to finish in Japan and Australia in years gone by) – the race is always packed by somewhat mental Brazilian fans and the circuit is a fan and driver favourite too.

2011 Formula 1 Championship Season
March 13     Bahrain
March 27     Australia
April 10     Malaysia
April 17     China
May 8        Turkey
May 22       Spain
May 29       Monaco
June 12      Canada
June 26      Europe (Valencia)
July 10      Great Britain
July 24      Germany
July 31      Hungary
August 28    Belgium
September 11 Italy
September 25 Singapore
October 09   Japan
October 16   Korea
October 30   India*
November 13  Abu Dhabi
November 27  Brazil
* Subject to the homologation of the circuit

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