Honda Quit F1 with Immediate Effect

In what is surely to be one of the most stunning decisions from the Formula 1 circus in quite a long time, Honda are (officially) announcing in a couple of hours that they are to quit the sport.
The team have been put up for sale (for a reported $25b); however if there is no buyer by March, the team will be pulled completely.
They cite financial reasons poor car sales as the main reasons behind this decision, but it also raises questions as to their commitment to the Indy Racing League. This decision also leaves a lot of employees very suddenly at a loose end – as well as driver Jenson Button, who signed a two year deal only a couple of months back.
There is now only 18 cars on the grid. I find it ironic that this was announced just as I was about to publish an article on Formula 1’s domino effect – one Grand Prix and team fell and others will surely follow – but no-one could have imagined one of the big players taking such drastic action as this.
Right now, I’ll just sit back and watch as my favourite sport swallows itself after ten years of misguided leadership.

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