F1 Splits

The FIA and FOTA have not agreed on the issues facing Formula 1, with the result being the FOTA teams leaving F1 to start their own rival series. FOTA – which consists of Ferrari, McLaren, Brawn GP, Toyota, Renault, BMW, Red Bull and Toro Rosso – have decided after ongoing talks broke down (again) that their dealings with FIA are now concluded in dramatic fashion.
Stunned… simply stunned!!
I have not written or commented on this recently as the press releases and news flowing in each direction with supreme regularity left me feeling nauseous and confused.

So now it’s on. The great irony is Formula 1 had in recent years dropped many of the fans’ popular circuits, so it’s quite conceivable that the likes of Silverstone, Imola, Montreal and Indianapolis may find their onto the FOTA Grand Prix calendar as they’re still easily up to FIA safety specs. There won’t be word of a potential car design or rules for a while yet, so that’ll be interesting when it comes about. I am also rather intrigued to see who will pick this up commercially too.

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