2010 Formula Renault UK Race of Thruxton (Round 2, April 4th)

Layout of the fast Thruxton circuit.

For the 2010 Formula Renault UK Season, a new chassis has been developed. Current Superleague Formula runner, Duncan Tappy tested the machine during the winter at Rockingham Motor Speedway, suggesting that the car’s new aerodynamic specifications had done much to improve the machine’s stability for the young competitors.

Each machine will also possess a brand new 2-litre Renault engine, wider tyres and a new carbon monocoque designed by Barazi-Epsilon.It was with this new found stability that Hungarian driver, Tama’s Pa’l Kiss won the first race ahead of Will Stevens and Harry Tincknell and with that victory fresh in mind, Pa’l Kiss will be looking for a repeat success.

Unfortunately, the 19-year-old was unable to reproduce his race one victory on the second day of the Thruxton meet, as a fired up Will Stevens shot off the line from pole position, securing his first win of the 2010 season and 32 points to add to his 28 from the previous day.Tom Blomqvist who started second on the grid didn’t have such a good start – as the Swede got bogged down on the grid, Lewis Williamson jumped ahead of the Fortec Motorsport driver and into 2nd spot. While Williamson was able to remain ahead of Blomqvist, Harry Tincknell also launched himself ahead of the slow starter; however Blomqvist had just enough to recapture 3rd spot halfway around the first tour.
Not that this would stop Tincknell – the Champion of the Formula Renault UK Winter Series surged past Blomqvist on the second lap and began a chase for the long departed Williamson.

Foster-Jones went offroading early on. ©ITV

Blomqvist wasn’t the only driver with a poor opening. Come the third lap around, Manor’s Ollie Millroy found himself beached permanently in the grass following contact with Josh Mulholland and Robert Foster-Jones paraded his CRS racing machine through the long grass runoff at turn 8 a lap later, before returning to the circuit somewhat ‘greener’.
Foster-Jones would, in fact, land himself at the front of a gaggle of cars as he started his fifth tour – all of whom were battling for a top-10 spot, including Michael Lyons, Nick Yelloly, Marlon Stockinger and Jesse Laine. As the group trundled through the tight turn 3/4 chicane, Laine tried for a pass on Stockinger, but only succeeded in spinning as he touched turn 4’s super-high kerbs.

Thomas Hylkema would do the same a lap later. As 5th place Jordan Oakes – followed closely by Hylkema and Pa’l Kiss) was challenged by Hylkema into turn 3, both were stunned by Pa’l Kiss as the young Hungarian shot around the outside of turn 3 and took the inside of 4.
Two-spots gained for Pa’l Kiss, but Hylkema on the exit of 4 clumped the kerbs, spinning him all the way around.

Tincknell, Blomqvist and Pa'l Kiss ran eachother close at the end. ©ITV

Pa’l Kiss was soon to be with the battling 3rd/4th place duo of Tincknell and Blomqvist, catching both by the 11th lap. Tincknell and Blomqvist had reached something of an impasse – while the 3rd place CRS racing driver had more stability through the sweeps and the turns, Fortec’s Blomqvist had more straight-line speed; however, it was not enough to overhaul the man in front.
Pa’l Kiss wasn’t hanging around though – as Blomqvist struggled for front-end grip along the long turn 8 right-hander, the Atech GP pilot took a more direct line, with Pa’l Kiss forcing his way through to 4th position.

Out front and almost in a different race, Will Stevens swept through from pole to take the chequered flag, only one second ahead of Williamson; however with Stevens on current form, it is questionable if the second place man could have ever gotten by. It was a dominant and controlled victory.
Tincknell kept a solid 3rd ahead of Pa’l Kiss and Blomqvist, while behind them David McDonald came home 6th, with Oakes, Lyons, Alex Lynn and Foster-Jones rounding out the top ten.

2010 Formula Renault UK Race of Thruxton (Round 2)

Position Number Driver Team Time Gap
1 3 Will Stevens Manor Competition 18:51.611s
2 17 Lewis Williamson Manor Competition 18:52.400s 0.789s
3 5 Harry Tincknell CRS Racing 18:56.571s 4.960s
4 47 Tama’s Pa’l Kiss Atech GP 18:57.124s 5.513s
5 10 Tom Blomqvist Fortec Motorsport 18:58.420s 6.809s
6 11 David McDonald Team Firstair 19:00.911s 9.300s
7 4 Jordan Oakes Team Firstair 19:04.934s 13.323s
8 2 Michael Lyons CRS Racing 19:10.545s 18.934s
9 36 Alex Lynn Fortec Motorsport 19:12.788s 21.177s
10 55 Robert Foster-Jones CRS Racing 19:15.763s 24.152s
11 12 Nick Yelloly Atech GP 19:16.033s 24.422s
12 7 Thomas Hylkema Manor Competition 19:19.039s 27.428s
13 99 Chrissy Palmer Fortec Motorsport 19:20.715s 29.104s
14 15 Victor Correa CRS Racing 19:23.770s 32.159s
15 33 Marlon Stockinger Atech GP 19:27.945s 36.334s
16 22 Jessie Laine Mark Burdett Motorsport 19:42.093s 50.482s
17 8 Joe Crook Scorpio Motorsport 19:45.064s 53.453s
18 1 Josh Mulholland Manor Competition 19:17.329s 1 Lap
19 21 Fabio Gamberini Mark Burdett Motorsport 19:48.717s 2 Laps
DNF 27 Ollie Millroy Fortec Motorsport 1:22.739s 15 Laps

Position Driver Points
1 Will Stevens 60
2 Tama’s Pa’l Kiss 54
3 Lewis Williamson 52
4 Harry Tincknell 50
5 Tom Blomqvist 42
6 Nick Yelloly 28
7 Robert Foster-Jones 25
8 Alex Lynn 24
9 David McDonald 23
10 Chrissy Palmer 18
11 Thomas Hylkema 18
12 Marlon Stockinger 17
13 Ollie Millroy 16
14 Jordan Oakes 16
15 Victor Correa 15
16 Michael Lyons 14
17 Jessie Laine 12
18 Joe Crook 10
19 Josh Mulholland 3
20 Fabio Gamberini 2

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